THE MOST MAJOR KEY TO LIFE: I believe, in all honesty, is BALANCE.

Seems simple, right? It’s definitely more simple when you’re at home in your own personal bubble. At home, I’ve nearly mastered being alone, in my zone, in my routine — work, working out, the food I eat, my usual drinks, my beauty- health- and wellness- conventions, personal growth, relationships, everything. I know what flows and feels good. I know the balance. I know many twenty-something to thirty-somethings do; once you hit a certain point in life.

But then you leave that bubble. Throw yourself on a plane for work or pleasure, into a new location, surround yourself with different people, food, experiences, etc. aaaaand…good luck! Instantly you’re taken out of your own personal element, and the real challenge might kick in. 


I just went to Cabo to celebrate one of my best friends’ 30th birthday (owner of my favorite + the fabulous women’s boutique: Elle A.) and faced this familiar challenge; she did a perfect job at planning balance across a 4-day trip with a large group: which we found between one crazy beach day, one night out, a few yummy restaurants, poolside-laziness and home-cooking (hint: hire a local chef to come in and make you dinner at least one night!); and since I do travel often, I thought this would be a great opportunity to break down the harmony I’ve established while traveling…! (More details on Cabo itself at the very bottom of this post!)

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Here’s what I suggest to help keep balance afloat, whether in or out of your bubble:

BODY // Detox and get serious about your diet one week before leaving. I did a mini liver-cleanse the week before Cabo and it really helped my nutritional awareness: to keep my body (both internally and externally) feeling balanced. For the cleanse, I stuck to super clean veggies, chicken, fish, and fruit, incorporated flax seed oil (MAJOR BENEFICIAL KEY!), 48oz of a pure cranberry-water flush throughout each day, and kick-started every morning with hot water + lemon to get my organs going. By the time I got to Cabo, I was able to indulge (in moderation) in the tacos and guac much easier, and it was also easier to be more selective of my intake. My body felt the cravings a little less than usual, and I mixing in healthy options felt so much easier. You can usually find smart options — you just have to be mindful of it and plan a bit.

MIND + SPIRIT // I’ve been loading up on Gabrielle Bernstein and Thich Nhat Hanh. Their messages have been slowly engraving themselves into my mind. Finding balance at home (like any situation) has been better preparing me with keeping my mind, heart, and spirit aligned in circumstances beyond my control. TO bring this element on a trip, I’m v into audiobooks rn! Taking time out to center yourself and relax is key to not feeling exhausted while out of your bubble. It’s a connection to your truest self, the one you experience while hoe. These particular audiobooks provided me with the best reminders: “The Universe Has Your Back” and “The Art of Power.”

RELATIONSHIPS // If you’re used to embracing alone-time pretty regularly, throwing yourself into a house with 8 other people (like my trip to Cabo) might sound a little intense. The key, I find, is finding a similar vibe between you and each individual. Bringing the best out int hat person by emphasizing your mirroring qualities, and they, naturally, will do the same for you — and simply steer away from the personality traits you do not find yourself to align with… life’s too short/the trip is probably too short — bottom line: bring the best out in everyone and you’ve got a recipe for a pretty positive time! This helps keep balance in personalities in such close quarters.

Each of the above help keep travel tranquil and sets you up for flexibility and balance. It makes all the difference when out of your routine, trust me!

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And now the fun CABO stuff! This was my third time traveling here, but I know you want to know more about where to go or what we did — so! — I have to share 2 blog/insta-worthy locations:

FLORA FARMS: This is a sprawling, beautiful farm and property. They grow all of their own organic foods on the property and have a restaurant where you can eat the most incredible farm-to-table meals. Flora is a great place to find a little wholesome balance… and the decor is super rustic-chic-cute! TOTALLY BE APPROVED! The little gold-coin-anklet you’ve seen in a lot of my Insta-posts during this trip is from one of the little boutiques on the property… There’s even a James Perse here… so many cute sustainable shops I could honestly go on forever and really wish we had the time to visit more than once! This one is a MUST when you’re in Cabo. 

ESPERANZA: Where we stayed! The property has pretty much everything you could want for any mini vacay — primarily: the view, the beach, the pool — sold! It was the ideal spot to party privately with friends, relax the body and mind while soaking up the sun, and take in Mexico with a margarita or 5 in hand. There is a hotel, condos, and large villas for rent on the property — perfect for a group trip, like ours!




HOLA BEACH BAG: Kayu Design x Revolve.












HATS: Elle A.




I feel like there are a few different types of people when it comes to New Year’s resolutions: those that make them and stick to them, those that make them and break them right away, those that don’t bother or believe in them, and those that fall somewhere in-between. Basically, we’ve all kind of resorted to finding our own path in this department that works for us! I’m the latter of the list.

Although time is irrelevant at its core, as a society we rely on calendars to measure it. It’s a great tool to reference where you’re at with your life goals / everything that attributes to them, so I like to think of calendars as simple check-in tools.

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I appreciate so many of you that reach out to me seeking guidance or simply stating admiration, so to show my gratitude, I wanted to take a moment to share a little bit of my process/insight. And what better time to do it than at the start of a fresh new year.

Here’s to hoping to spread a little motivation through these 5 areas of focus!

1. REFLECT: 2016 was a huge year of growth, both professionally and personally for me, and taking a few moments during the awkward “what-day-is-it-week” between Christmas and NYE made me value the time to stop, look back, and thank the Universe for guiding me through an obscene amount of success and accomplishment over the past year. I always feel that beginning a conversation with ‘thank you’ is a good thing. Smile and give thanks for whatever pinnacles you’ve reached, whether big or small, whether in personal strength, in your relationships, in your career, or otherwise.

2. GO INWARD: Dig a little deeper. Outline your strengths and weaknesses. When this year did you feel your best? What didn’t you enjoy? Where could you improve? What are you personally missing in life? Be honest with yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable. Admit what you could REALLY work on and how that might benefit your bigger picture.

3. ESTABLISH THE NEW: All you really need is one new goal or resolution. Two or three? Even better. And none need to be earth-shattering. Instead of making your goals out of monetary gain or checklist-crossing satisfaction, try to make your goal(s) or resolutions based on the feeling of joy or happiness that it might bring you. Only commit to a goal if it will add actual value to your soul. My main for this year?: becoming a better listener. I think this is so important and something I’ve been aware that I think I could totally improve on — and when I do(!), you best believe it’s not only going to be a huge benefit to my life but others’ as well — personally and professionally. I’m really looking forward to working on this one.

4. SURRENDER: Give it up to the Universe, put it in God’s basket, let that shit go. Whatever you believe in, know that there is a higher power of love working toward what you want if you just get out of your own way, surrender, and trust that it will work out for you. You’ve gotta get out of your own head at some point or you’ll hinder your own success.

5. DAILY: Be conscious of your new hope(s), ever single day. Don’t let the whole year slip away by getting caught up in routine — be kind to yourself and make yourself proud. Continue to live your day-to-day wholeheartedly in faith. You got this.

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Take the life lessons you’ve been given and feed your body and mind to accomplish fresh goals. Most importantly, be you. There is only one soul like yours in our entire system; take your time to value and honor it.

Those who look outside DREAM; those who look inside AWAKE.
BElight. BElove. BEyoutiful.









Let’s be really real: New Year’s Eve has such an overrated hype.
I’m truthfully such a homebody but living in LA has had its perks over the years and as much as I enjoy getting dolled up and grabbing drinks with friends from time to time, I’d actually much rather not on NYE. 

Every year that I end up out on New Year’s Eve (which, in all honesty, just feels like any other night of the year) I say to myself, “next year I am staying home with a bottle of Veuve” — well, this year I finally fully am!

Anyone else feeling the same?
To match the low-key vibes that I’m craving, here are 5 ideas I adore for celebrating the start of 2017.


  1. PLAY BARTENDER: If you want to let loose in the comfort of your own home, you have to have some sort of signature drink for the night. Come up with some fun drink recipe ideas to try out, and even let your friends make their own if they want to mimic the bartender. Here’s a recipe idea I’ve been particularly drooling over this holiday season: 3 parts Rekorderlig cider + 1 part Elderflower Liqueur + top with a little champagne, a couple raspberries and/or strawberries and garnish with mint or rosemary. YUM!

  1. GAME NIGHT: A little adult game time is always fun! (especially when the drinks from above are involved) and I love a good game or five. Poker is a classic no-brainer, board games (Clue!), Pictionary or Charades (actually really fun), start a Mario Kart competition, or my current fave: Cards of Humanity. Spice any of the above up with some bets and/or dares …GOLD!

  1. PJ PARTY: Why not!? Put together your fave playlist of songs from 2016, ditch the sequins and keep the silk — might as well be comfy at home! Order some pizza. Maybe vote on your fave movie of 2016 with friends/fam and throw together my personal fave movie snack: popcorn + M&M’s (or Reese’s Pieces!) mixed in. Seriously tell me a nightclub sounds better than this, c’mon.

  1. WELLNESS NIGHT: The thought of New Year’s Day realistically means a day off to deal with a hangover on the sofa to most, and I kinda hate starting a fresh year, with the first day actually being a bonus holiday, feeling that way. Anyone else? A wellness night full of clean cooking, juice shots (in theme of the holiday, cheers!), face masks and oils, and a little crystal healing? Umm yes please! You’d definitely wake up feeling your damn best to start the new year! So refreshing.

  1. MIDNIGHT WISH PAPERS: This is actually a tradition some of my girlfriends and I started a few years ago on New Year’s Day on the Santa Barbara coastline, but you could do it with a fireplace, outside fire pit, etc. Here’s the deal: you write out your intentions or “wishes” on small pieces of tissue paper, say a little meditation/prayer, burn the paper — and as you let it fly, you are letting what you wrote down go. Let the universe take care of the rest for you!


However you choose to celebrate bringing in your new year, I hope you enjoy the final moments as the clock counts down alongside the people (or someone) you love most!

BElight. BElove. BEyoutiful.



Looking for a little last minute personalized holiday BEauty?!

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I had the pleasure of joining one of my FAVE home decor shops in LA: Rolling Greens for a little holiday gathering last week. Everything from the table settings + decor (of course) to the food + drinks to the company kept and DIY-fun was absolutely magical!

I’ve been working with the Rolling Greens Beverly Blvd location for a few years now — I’d say 90% of my design projects have at least a little touch (if not a LOT) of their products. Their buyers truly have a designer’s eye, which makes my life not only easier but also happier, and every single person I have the opportunity to work closely with here makes this place feel like a second home — always attentive, always caring, always positive, always like a second family.

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And now I get to share with you a little glimpse of what they have to offer. Here is a fun, simple, and cost-efficient way to spruce up either some holiday gifts with a little love or your home or office!:

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1. MINI WREATHS (OR FULL-SIZE ONES!): Pre-made and super inexpensive; see your local craft store for a bundle and use this as your base.

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2. FLORAL WIRE + WIRE CUTTERS: Cut your wire into 1″ to 2″ pieces to secure the pieces you add to your wreath in place.

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3. LEAFY THINGS: Rosemary, pine, and various dried floral leaves or mini pine cones or mini ornaments/jingle bells or ostrich-style feathers will do the trick! Build one-by-one; follow the shape of your wreath — cover the whole thing or go a little abstract or minimal with partial coverage like I did! (Sometimes less is more // sometimes more is more grand …depends on my mood!)

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 This is where the gift of pretty handwriting comes into play. If brushwork sounds a little too intense, try a gold or silver metallic paint pen from your local arts + crafts store, and if you weren’t blessed with the gift to write something out neatly, grab a friend who was — we all have that one (I am definitely that friend!) Anything handwritten with a little love is always so much more personal — you can do a family last name, an inspiring word or mini message, or something in the name of Christmas!

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5. PUT IT ALL TOGETHER AND TA-DA!: Secure each piece with your pre-cut wire pieces. I added some x’s with gold-laced string to mine. Splash a little faux snow-spray for an all-white Winter Wonderland-ey touch.

PS. I’m getting the recipe to the dangerously AMAZING drink shared that night asap for you…wait for it! & pretty sure I’m only ordering my cakes from now from Whisk & Whittle after inhaling that apple cider + cream cheese frosting cake. YUM!

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One of my favorite parts of the design process when it comes to homes are bedrooms. It’s a single room where you spend so much of your life — and not to mention highly important parts: sleepin’ + lovin’! We’ve all seen some bedroom designs get really busy and crazy, and that’s actually the opposite of how one should be styled and kept. I’ve absolutely grown into the simplicity of my own bedroom and try to bring that forward when designing my clients’ bedrooms. Here are my top five tips!

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1. SOOTHING COLORS: This is such an overlooked approach when decorating a bedroom! You want your room to feel like a chilled-out oasis where sleep is promoted, and loud colors distract from zen. The majority of your room — like walls, bedding, decor, whatever — should be in muted, soothing tones. Think white sheets + bedding (easy to bleach, too!); pure solids. For some, this may even be the opposite — darker colors may feel more soothing — like a personal cave! This can feel really sexy, too. Either way, as a rule of thumb — but especially for bedrooms — I only prefer to see color and pattern come through minimally in accent decor, pillows, throw blankets, etc; easily interchangeable per season.

2. BALANCE: The energy on both sides of the bed should be symmetrical — meaning same nightstand on either side of the bed. Never just one nightstand. Bed never against a wall (worst! *Drake voice*). Symmetry feels organized and clean. Generally keep tops of nightstands, dressers, etc. somewhat empty to keep the room feeling relaxed and minimal. Anywhere from 3 to 5 stacked books max. Accent decor is where asymmetry is acceptable aka ‘DESIGNER.’ Incorporating asymmetry atop here between your two nightstands is where you will bring in the personalized cozy/homey feel. After all, as much as I will promote symmetry, asymmetry is also important and equally a factor into the balancing act.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it…..”
-Albert Einstein

3. FENG SHUI: I’m pretty big on the power of energy, and the importance of it while designing. You had to know I was going to bring in the most well-known rulebook on spatial energy…! The rules of Feng Shui in particular promote a harmonious flow of energy in the bedroom, and it’s always inviting yet peaceful. One rule is to open windows or use essential oils + an air purifier to keep a clean, flowing energy.  (More on essential oils, I promise, later!) Generally, the head of the bead should sit against the wall opposite of the entry door to the room (focal point), however, the alignment of the bed should not be directly obstructing the path of the doorway if possible. If you’re having trouble feeling relaxed or sleeping while in your room, experiment with the feng shui!

4. WORK-FREE: Expanding on energy, and its contribution to the overall simplicity or complexity of any room, leave the mind-clutter-fuck of work and all tech in relation to, out of the bedroom for a separated headspace and energy. Even if you (like me) whole-heartedly love what you do, so it may not feel like work — it is. Just trust me, it one hundred percent is, and your bedroom is a sanctuary that has NO room for the real world. Let fantasy simply reign. Try it out for one week straight: make your bedroom a complete no-work-zone and see for yourself — the overall feeling of simplicity will begin to grow with this alone. 

5. MINIMAL: Start with a ‘less is more’ approach. Don’t fill the walls and counter space just to fill it. Remove clutter and anything that’s not necessary to bedroom activities. Let your dressers and closets serve their purpose! Remember that the bed is the focal point. Think luxury hotel room feels when in doubt. Leave a wall or two blank — or maybe all four?! — and you’ll  be amazed at how much nicer your room will feel.

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Ohh, Barça!
I still get butterflies thinking about you.


The people, culture, colors, food…all of Barcelona is no-joke, divine. More so than any other place I’ve ever been to, Barça held the most endless design inspiration for me. As opposed to the “vacay home” or feels that most tropical places bring, the inspiration that Barcelona brought to me felt different.

It provided so much unique forward-thinking inspiration that’s incredibly in-line with the way I think as far as interior design is concerned. True art is brought to life here. So much stylistically that can actually be more realistically played into a residential or commercial project design. Basically, this city is absolutely a designer’s and/or artist’s — at least mine — dream.


Praktik Hotels: There are 3 in Barça (Bakery, Garden, and Rambla). I stayed at the Rambla which I loooved. Think gothic, 16th century, and elegant. Such a work of art, this hotel! It’s on a beautiful tree-lined street, Rambla Catalunya, and had everything you’d need really close: shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops.


Boca Grande + Boca Chica: Grande is the restaurant portion and beyond the delish food, the design inspo alone was insane. Fresh oysters, black spaghetti out of this world, and details, details, details. Such a sexy, chic atmosphere and design… I loved it all. Chica lounge upstairs is a no-brainer for getting a drink and people watching. But the very best part? THE UNISEX BATHROOM on one of the floors between Grande and Chica.


Lupita: Randomly walked into this one! The signage outside actually solely reads, “TACOS.” No Lupita. But Lupita is a trendy, hip Mexican restaurant that made me feel like home, which is SO appreciated while traveling sometimes, right? Delish and authentic tacos + margs + + great music made the vibes relaxing and entertaining at the same time…. There was even a twist of Snow Patrol and Bob Marley mixed in — I vividly remember it — truly a homey California moment in time reserved just for me.

Bormuth: Great spot for tapas, getting your drink on, mingling with locals + hanging into the night. Definitely a lot of younger people, like mid-to-late twenties which was right up my alley and fun! Absolutely a spot to soak up the present-day culture of Barcelona!


Catedral de Barcelona: This is in the maze-like and stunning Gothic Quarter. The immense amount of intricate architectural design detail of the Cathedral is so profoundly inspiring that even I can’t explain it fully, nor can any textbook or image on the internet. Nothing does it justice unless it’s your eyes witnessing it. Art and culture everywhere. The entire space was incredibly peaceful and simply breathtaking. Like, just let me move in and meditate my life away here. One of the most memorable parts of my time in Barça, hands-down.

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Gracia District/Neighborhood: The first full day entirely solo on this trip was toward the end of my time overseas… By this time I need a mani/pedi, to purchase something reminiscent of home (as opposed to another piece of Euro-Spanish culture), some serious exercise, and a juice cleanse. For. Sure.

So what did I do? Laced up my Nikes, grabbed my Beats headphones,  pressed play to Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ album (my soundtrack to this entire trip, FYI!), and hit the ground running for miles! — And where did I find myself? AT HOME. I had an LA day in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona and embraced every present moment that the comfort of that day brought to my soul. First I stumbled into a whole foods + pressed juice café: Green Shots (I know, you’re thinking gross; who does that on vacay — I do! I remain me no matter where I travel to…major key tip for you while traveling, too!); sipped on my greens and walked right into a boutique carrying the pair of Adidas NMD’s sold out in my size on my side of the world (serious score!), found a pretty bomb sushi spot: Monster Sushi (sidenote- LOVE the way all of the restaurants, including this one, have all this secretive seating upstairs overlooking the streets!), realized in that moment that I had found “my” neighborhood as I felt like I had been living in Barça for years by living through that particular day just as if I were at home; and then finally got that mani/pedi! Got my toes tickled by some little fishies at an AquaBliss Fish Spa — first time for the mermaid here — you just have to literally eject the thought of, “OHMYGOD THERE ARE TINY FISH TEETH EATING MY FLESH” and replace it with, “OH! MINI MASSAGERS!” and you’re good! — Silly but big deal bucket list item: CHECK!

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Pablo Picasso: I’ve been to a handful of Picasso pop-ups over the years and I was actually hesitant to step into Museo de Picassco simply because I thought to myself, “seen one, seen ’em all” …WRONG! Worth it, worth it, worth it! No other Picassco exhibit on this planet compares nor captures this artist’s life, and representations thereof, in such fluid detail. I can’t even give this away, you just have to trust me!

Gaudi, Gaudi, Gaudi!: Everywhere. Creatively mathematical artistic GENUIS. Even if you don’t particularly feel the unique Gaudi design vibe, there is something inexplicably magical about visiting any of his architectural masterpieces that will allow you to find a new form of appreciation. My favorite? Sagrada Familia.

I studied these artists and architects in extensive detail during college. Never did I ever  imagine the capacity of PRICELESS that would be brought to my third eye by embracing these historic works of art in person. The space of gratitude definitely grew a little bigger in my heart after these experiences.


MoiStore: The chic/designer/”cool girl” in me was all over this spot. It felt very LA-friendly actually, but I enjoyed seeing the slight Barça trend differences.

Chic & Cool Atelier: The boho fashionista in me adored this spot. Perfect for women’s clothing and adorable, dainty yet detailed Spanish-style accessories.  The navy silk pants + white linen jacket I came home with from this post are from here! I could have brought an entire suitcase of their decor + pillows home with me… And I did actually have to purchase an additional XL piece of luggage on wheels, around the corner from this boutique, to take back everything I had already purchased! *insert monkey-covering-eyes emoji* …Oops?!

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Barcelona, you stole my heart. I’ll be back!



This month is coming a few days earlier, in terms of my current faves,  in time for Cyber Monday / Cyber Week — and I’ve broken down my list to pretty much everything every twenty-, thirty-, and forty- something year old female needs this Holiday Season (and significant others’ thereof need to know!) with online promo codes.

Super easy + convenient way to shop them all in one place?: HERE!



  • 1. PETER THOMAS ROTH UNWRINKLE PEEL PADS. helllloooo bomb skin!
    (enter code “401534” at for free shipping + $3.50 off)
  • 2. TARTE MARACUJA C-BRIGHTER EYE TREATMENT. not one better under eye treatment under $50 out there than this; bye dark circles and bye tired/puffy eyes!
    (enter code “FRIYAY” at for 25% off)
  • 3. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS GLOW KIT. golden bronze + dripping in gold = my highlighter duo as of late; hello flawless!
    (enter code “CBWELCOME” at for free shipping)
  • 4. AQUIS ESSENTIALS HAIR TOWEL. when it comes to my hair: e v e r y t h i n g matters. between this and my shower-head filter I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my locks thanks to the aforementioned!
    (online only at = $15 off $75 // $50 off $150)


  • 5. BE. CANDLESobvi!
    (enter code “THX10” at for 10% off)
  • 6. LEATHER TASSEL KEYCHAIN + CHARGING CORD. so I was actually gifted something similar recently and this is honestly so good! — [the black is] fashionable and doubles as the one thing every single person with an iPhone needs 24/7: enter unwinding charger cord.
    (online only at = $15 off $75 // $50 off $150)
  • 7. ALL WHITE VANS. classic. pretty much go with everything. not an exaggeration.
  • 8. DIY LETTERBOARD PHONE CASE. how fun is this!? you could even pull the letters together in a cute/thoughtful little message or inside joke for your gift-recipient.
    (online only at = $15 off $75 // $50 off $150)



  • 9. KNITTED MERMAID TAIL BLANKET. so this one is actually on my personal xmas list! love!
    (enter code “RMNGR” at for $5 off)
  • 10. SILK PJ SHORTS SET. classic black.
    (enter code “CANDY” at for 10% off)
    (enter code “CANDY” at for 10% off)
  • 12. THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK. by Gabrielle Berstein; I’m mid-read and currently obsessed. love finding gold mine after gold mine in the hardcover/paperback dept!
  • 13. COMPARTES CHOCOLATE BARS. fun flavors, fun packaging, and so yummy so if you plan to stocking-stuff with these, make sure to grab extra for your movie nights on the sofa! trust.
    (enter code “CHEER4YOU” at for 20% off)



(all below: enter code “CANDY” at for 10% off – I’m obsessed with all three of these looks and would personally pick them for so many holiday occasions coming up this month!)






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Texture? Pattern? With my eyes closed.
Challenge? COLOR.

As an artist I have found my personal niche and what design vibe keeps my heart pumping joy. However, as a designer that believes in bringing joy to my clients’ hearts through the designs I create, this sometimes means bringing textures and patterns together with colors that make them thrive.

I present to you:
My play on Old Hollywood Regency Glamour combined with my Mod Touch in a fabulously fun way!

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It’s a Wonderful Life…
The gift of bringing unique beauty to life…
Isn’t it?

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So we all have that #1 go-to scent, and then there are the contenders that come and go — this one is my latest winning seasonal obsession for this Fall/Winter! Eau de Parfum at home (check), Hair Spritz for my days on the run in the car (check), and Hand Cream in my bag (check).

My Fall GO-TO! Hello day to night staple that is honestly a permanent footwear option year-round.

Need I really say more!? In fact, the entire website where I found these gems is a goldmine…

One of my gfs put me on to the fact that we’ve all been sticking bleach and other lovely chemicals straight up our va-gees for years and I made the switch to organic about a year ago. At first I was thoroughly unimpressed by the ancient cardboard applicators, and packaging by the seemingly one and only brand out there offering organic tampons. Obviously leave it to Targét (I keep telling you, this place is truly the plug!) to bring us some super cute organic options. I’m obsessed. Smooth-gliding applicator, pretty packaging, and all!

A lip mask that works! You know that super annoying part of your lip that sometimes makes it impossible to put on a matte lipstick? Especially as the weather gets drier and your skin + lips wanna follow suit? Put this stuff on the night before and basically wake up with magically perfectly soft lips. (tastes good too!)

32oz x $14.00 and one to two weeks later, not only will your taste-buds thank me but your wallet will, too!

Finally! Gets the job done quickly, interchangeable wands AND attention to minimizing heat damage.

If you are anything like me, this book was written for you! Dear overly passionate caregivers of the world: do your life THE biggest favor and start sorting your fuck budget NOW with Sarah Knight’s help.



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One of the most crucial parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Making it flexible! I’m running around like crazy 24/7 but I don’t (for the most part!) let it affect my choice to take care of myself. Whether I’m in and out of meetings all day, out of town, or deeeeep in the initial design zone stage of a new project, I’ve collected small ways to make a big difference in keeping my physical health a priority.

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….aaand my secret on-the-go weapons are!:


LOVE a quick 30-min workout at  Platefit in West Hollywood (for all the locals) — plate workouts in general are such a fast way to get in a serious workout in half the time of any typical studio class — I leave a little sweaty every time! Look up a Power Plate studio if you’re not in LA. 

I’ve also recently hired an affordable trainer (Kyla Drennan) to get my booty out of bed before my phone literally turns into Grand Central Station in the early mornings and she’s taught me a mini Booty Blast routine that I can do before getting out the door or before bed on the days I can’t make it to a gym or studio. We’re talking like 10 mins tops and this is my favorite thing right now!! Here it is, broken down:

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Sweatheory or Earth Bar (both LA local) … Did you know that by orally taking vitamins your body only absorbs anywhere from 1% to 25%? WTF, right?! I hate taking vitamins to begin with (gag), so this recent knowledge has made it pretty easy for me to stop into these shops to gain 100% of the benefits directly into my bloodstream. (PS. Sweatheory has been becoming part of my Sunday Routine lately! — private infrared sauna / individualized meditative space — YES is written all over this, just trust me + thank me later.)


Probably my FAVORITE way to quickly get in a bunch of nutrients — enter the NutriBullet. Plus, you can switch it up on the daily so you don’t get bored. Lately I’ve been obsessing over Daily Harvest Smoothies; their pre-packaged organic mixes are delivered right to your door! What’s more convenient than that? Just add a lil’ almond milk or coconut water depending on the recipe…and blend.

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SNACK SNACK SNACK! Throughout every day. MAJOR KEY. Stick to salads without heavy fatty dressings. Minimize on the red meat (I’m only having it about once/month), STAY AWAY FROM PORK, don’t settle for garbage because you’re starving — invest in your health; if you need to spend the couple extra bucks to have something HEALTHY delivered (hiiii Postmates) to you: DO IT. And remember, I said snacking is the major key here so your body doesn’t go into inhaling-a-full-size-bag-of-junk-food-mode by 3pm. Think green grapes, peppered turkey slices, carrots + hummus, sliced apples + honey almond butter, strawberries + blueberries with mascarpone and agave, Have-A-Chips + pineapple salsa — my go-to’s. YUM!


I take my drinks SERIOUS. Water is essential to health obviously, like A LOT of it. I drink up to two tall Smartwaters daily. Boxed Tazo Chai Latte with almond milk is my go-to when on the move. Juices from somewhere like Juice Served Here — pressed juices are 100% where i get my greens from, honestly! So easy. Lastly, COFFEEIST — it’s about a 400cal breakfast + coffee in one = good stuff!

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Easy enough right?
Takes a little bit of planning, but once you put that initial effort in, your body will be thanking you for it.

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I genuinely believe your body is actually your foremost home/temple/sanctuary. Take care of your SELF-interior: physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally — and watch the world outside of you begin to transform BEautifully.

You’ve been hearing this stuff your whole life — nothin’ new! — I’m just saying: I get it. Life’s wild. Who has the time?! If I do, you do! & Now you know some more of my mermaid lifestyle on-the-go secrets!


PS. YES there is a secret routine to the abs I’ve kept in tact since about twelve years old….. stay tuned! 

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