by brittaneyelise

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‘to be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible’ – and all things cliché on a wednesday. happy humpday!

but no seriously, I find inspiration everywhere I click & everywhere I travel – in the comfort of my home, from my rooftop onto the chaotic flow of west los angeles stretching to the lights of downtown, to every dark & dusty & magical corner on the streets of the city, to that sparkle in the ocean when my toes are buried into the beach sand – that same ocean that wraps itself around this world and that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing through different wanderlust adventures.

O and all that wanderlusting? of course it’s easy to find and/or be inspiration on the go. the real art is maintaining amidst the daily routine that sucks you in and spits you out at the end of each monday through friday. whether it’s the beauty of a flower along your daily route you hadn’t noticed before, a new blog, a new song, or everyone’s social media vice [insert here] — just make sure it’s inspiring. positivity always.

keeping my inner eye and heart open, daily.
passing that onto you, you should pass it on too…