by brittaneyelise




one of my current projects is an absolute bohemian dream. for a client that is truly my little boho queen! one of our favorite rooms is this “moroccan wonderland,” and it’s totally fit for a royal fairytale!

a little inspo for your next friday evening dinner affair:


this sensual space is dripping in golds and silvers, deep plums, and the perfect emerald green — with touches of vibrant color throughout… the design is truly in the detail here.

elegant cushions handmade from saris directly from india cover these gorgeous personalized 24K gold and silver trunks on either side of this 10-foot long redwood slab table (that I still die over), with completely customized, 24K gold detailed, hand-selected gypsy patchwork + rose tulle fabric end chairs.

the ceiling is a trip; covered in hand-dyed wallpaper, with rope chains that carry these incredible vintage birdcage chandeliers to hover below a mess of gorgeous chaos: candlelight, roses, hookahs, teapots, teacups, glass, and gold e v e r y w h e r e.

fun little DIY: the whimsical jars lining the right side of this room are filled with candy and creative details labeled: love, poison, mermaid hair, gypsy souls, dragon tears, sunshine, feathers, troll belly-buttons, ice-queen crystals, butterfly kisses, pirate’s gold, and pixie dust.

the final official images for this creation will be posted to the ‘interiors gallery‘ on my web-site – coming soon!