by brittaneyelise

currently prepping + planning for one of my absolute dream vacations that will become reality for me in just a few weeks!

[ B A L I ]

here are my secret fave five picks this week for travel musts in my bag that I like to share with my very much so on-the-go clients, and that will definitely be on board with me along my two day journey to this little dreamland:

1. IPAD: everything from my design apps to my ibooks is in this thing! [presently into The Seat of the Soul and Success Through Stillness]. I have a secret addiction to video games too, when I have the rare downtime — i.e. six hour layovers in foreign countries. candy crush, anyone?

2. SMITH’S ROSEBUD SALVE: lip crack. this stuff is seriously addicting and seriously amazing!

3. MAUI BABE: the. best. tanning. lotion. ever. period. done. organic aaand smells amazing — like coffee + coconuts! not even a question; this must be carried with me to every beach around the globe. you’ll thank me later. hashtag bronze goddess slash mermaid.

4. SUNNIES: obvi! [these faves in particular are by Celine]

5. SNACKS: may-jor snacker over here. I love food but can’t do a full meal in one sitting for the life of me; I must be eating a little something at every hour of the day. [side tip: eating smaller portions throughout the day is a metabolism booster! — seriously, sumo wrestlers eat one super large meal per day. trust me.] so I’ve got organic candy, granola, and dried fruit in my bag pretty much at all times! airplane food is a serious vom situation, anyway.