by brittaneyelise

once upon a time, I spent a a fall fashion week in Paris.
what a dream, right? oh, it totally was! the best part of this little dream come true though was my fascination with this little porte collection unveiling before my eyes.

beyond the taste of the crisp air and chic street fashion of Pairee, I found myself engulfed by absolutely beautiful architecture. and building by building, I walked through these streets, finding myself surrounded by more and more story-telling doors.

fascination quickly turned to obsession, let’s be real; there were all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures that were the only form of creative story-telling expression permitted by these classically preserved structures… and I? – was in love.

sadly, this modern day fairytale for the free-spirit falling in love with a city of her roots didn’t end perfectly as planned. (then again, what ever really does? – c’est la vie!) I say modern because that’s exactly where the glitch was; my iphone disappeared my last night on this town, and along with it a collection of at least 100 photos with my 100 favorite doors.

so. I don’t have those to share with you. but. the back-story is where the inspiration began. and I have since then been holding porte collection version 2.0, from other cities around the world, pretty near to my heart. along with others that I’ve found inspiration from on the web, here are some I’d like to share with you today!

the door: the entry to the soul of the building.