by brittaneyelise

it’s that time of year again!

here’s the thing about this not-so-little-anymore music festival: each year it just gets more and more insane and as each amazingly indescribable year comes and goes, I definitely have something new to add to the packing list for the following year.

LUCKY FOR YOU, here’s a nice little heads up on all the essentials that [trust me] you need, to be one hundred percent festival-ready! your friends will be a little jeally and/or begging you for some, so be a nice weekend warrior/desert hippie and spread the word — or pack extra.

see you in the sunshine!


1. WALKIE-TALKIES: a.k.a. the only way to really get in touch with your partner in crime for the weeknd when you’re on the festival grounds; be prepared for zero cell reception and the force to live in the moment! – cést la vie! – [it’s just simply the smartest thing to have during that moment the crowd decides to swallow your BFF].

2. HAND SANITIZER: after all, you are going to be in a hot, dusty, sweaty desert.

3. SCARF: sandstorms are fun! [NOT] one of these will go a long way in protecting that hair and face though!

4. FLASH TATS: temporary gypsy bling that’ll last the whole weekend? perf!

5. FACE REFRESHER: Mario Badescuis rosewater + aloe facial spray and I are inseparable. I don’t know what I’d do without that fresh mist of new LIFE seeping into my pores morning, noon, and night but I’m not imagining that tragedy occurring at Coachella of all places.

6 SMITH’S ROSEBUD SALVE: my lips are still addicted. hydrate hydrate hydrate!

7. PRESSED JUICE: mornings and nights at the very least. 72 hours of crazy or no crazy, show a little gratitude to that body of yours keeping you going all weekend long!

8.CLEAR QUARTZ: okay so this is one of my secret weapons to good energy and new positive juju. and here I am subtly revealing it in a Coachella backpack post…

9. PORTABLE CHARGER: you will die, I repeat, borderline D I E without this. invest the $20 to $50, charge it up overnight alongside your cell, and ta-da: you basically have a second battery when your iphone is on 3% and you still have 3 hours to go!