by brittaneyelise

so I’m going to start sharing with you a series of, what I like to call, my “secret weapons.” ranging from every day household products to the oddest items that might have you looking at me a little sideways like ‘really? WTF r u serious?’

seriously: s p r a y p a i n t is heaven-sent.

I’m a firm believer in the magic of it as far back as I can recall! I remember as a kid looking up at these cans locked up in cages within the aisles of The Home Depot and thinking to myself that paint, any form, is purely associated with art. how can you lock up art? well that’s a whole other topic we can get into a different time but let’s just say I’ve always had a huge appreciation for what most people see to know as “graffiti” or “street art” — to the point that I personally went through a phase when I was about fifteen that had my mother ready to pull her hair out as I was ruining carpets with accidental spills as I chose to cover the walls of my bedroom in my latest work of art every other week.

these days I’ve learned to utilize spraypaint in my interior designs. that picture frame doesn’t come in the color I need? that chair frame will save my client $300 if I buy it white and get it the shade of teal that I want, myself? this perfectly sized and shaped accent table is the finishing touch I need for a space but the base needs to be silver with a slightly antiqued-gold touch? the artsy geometric wallpaper I want doesn’t exist??? NO PROBLEM! thank you spraypaint-gods for allowing my crafty little solutions to come to life!

so now you know. nearly every single one of my designs has a piece within it that was hand-sprayed by my own little two hands or sourced to an artist to achieve precisely what I needed. BOOM! — secret weapon no.1 revealed.



PHOTOGRAPHY x selfuprenne

BACKDROP ARTWORK x ironeyeretna

TOP x helmet lang

PANTS x brittaney elise

HEELS x saint laurent