by brittaneyelise

here they are: five little tips that will make a big difference! whether you’ve got a dedicated vanity table with the lights and the chair and the whole girly nine yards or you make-shift with your bathroom space like I personally do, here are some sweet suggestions, courtesy of SOPHISTIQUICKE and myself that will enhance your grooming experience.


1. LIGHTING — isn’t it always just all about the right lighting? if you don’t have the space for a full vanity-bulb illuminated mirror like the one used in this space I designed here for one of my clients, stop by Targét for a simple and affordable smaller version.  now you can really see what you’re doing to that most important feature on your body… that BEyoutiful face!

2. ACRYLIC + GLASS — I’m a fan of a clean look. especially in grooming spaces. fill up some see-through jars with your basics – like qtips and cotton balls – for a sleek and organized aesthetic.

3. MAKE-UP BRUSH HOLDERS — marble, marble, marble. I’m into it, so are you. loving this one in particular from CB2. ok let’s say for some crazy reason you’re actually not into marble: there are so many unique items out there that can be used to hold your make-up brushes. if something like this seems extra or unnecessary, first – think good hygiene (those brushes shouldn’t be closed off in an unbreathable bag or drawer somewhere), and second – get creative! how about that cute glass candle jar that just got to the bottom of its wick?!


4. DRAWER DIVISION: one for hair tools (brushes, blow-dryer, curling/straightening irons) – one for hair products (hairsprays, oils, gels, dry-shampoos) – one for hair accessories (bobby pins, clips, hair ties, headbands) – one for nail products (polishes, removers, files, tools) – one for body products (lotions, deodorant, oil, sunscreen)… let’s face it: we women tend to keep endless supplies of these things so weed out the ones you don’t really use and get your staple beauty items organized by drawer so they’re each easily accessible.

5. THE ULTIMATE MUST-HAVE — the perfect concealer. Giorgio Armani created some kind of miracle in a tube – trust me on this – it’s called the ‘Master Corrector‘ and it completely lives up to its name! this is an absolute must-must-MUST-have for every female’s make-up arsenal. thank me later!