by brittaneyelise

this particular trip turned out to be unexpectedly memorable for me.

we’ve established the mermaid in me prefers palm trees and warm salt water, so why the venture to somewhere where silver skies are a part of daily lives? there’s something crisp and refreshing about European air. of course the sunshine came with, and once again I find myself expressing gratitude for the experience to indulge in a different culture, different architecture, art, and conversation.

parts of my experience include my recommendations of The Landmark Hotel in London, the obvious ever-touristy Big Ben in Westminster, the silly red telephone booths everywhere, Radio Rooftop in London (gorg 360 views of the city), and San Carlo restaurant in Birmingham. OH — and the never-ending search for platform nine and three-quarters!! let me know if you guys find it.

“travel is what brings power and love back into your life.” –RUMI