by brittaneyelise

the idea is to find what we love and keep it for as long as possible, right?! here are five of my little tips, tricks, and musts from the heart of my closet.


1. FOLDING + HANGING — let’s get the jeans thing down: we fold, then stack. bottom hem of the pant goes to the bottom tip of the booty pocket, then knee-fold goes to the top (waistline), and again in half. TA-DA! you now know how to professionally put together a jean wall for yourself. I personally sort of live in LuLuLemon and Nike on a daily basis any way so I’m not worried about taking that jean wall apart too often. dresses, collared shirts, anything silk or a variation-of is hung. skirts and shorts go on hangers with clips… bottom rack. plain tees and tanks are folded: into dresser drawers.

2. VINCE — this is the ultimate white tee for me. this crew neck hits perfect points in waist, length, shoulder, and sleeve. but what’s obviously the best part? I’m a sucker for soft textures and this one is just pure h e a v e n! a MUST to stock up on.

3. T BY ALEXANDER WANG — and here we have the perfect tank version! I believe I’ve had my black one for nearly four years now – still in perfect condition as ever, wash + dry x 100 and all! another wardrobe-builder that is worth the investment – MUST.

4. ASPRIN — little stains on those whites? toss an aspirin or two into the washer with a load and let me know how you like that difference.


 5. LBH — little black hangers. if you haven’t made the switch by now, now is the time! these sleek black velvet hangers are not only amazing space savers, but make an unreal difference in the aesthetic of your closet. automatic upgrade? check!