by brittaneyelise

MAUI: the heart chakra of our little world.

I’ve been to Hawaii a handful of times, and each trip just as (if not more) beautiful than the previous. This adventure, I had the opportunity to experience Maui alongside an island native. I am forever grateful.

Sunrises to Sunsets and the after-hours beneath the most beautiful star-lit sky I just don’t get here in LA; each day and night was filled with absolute fucking b e a u t y, to put it point blank.

From surfing and mai-tais in Kaanapali, to working from my laptop on a porch/front yard the size of four of my apartments up-country in the jungle, to my first drum circle at Little Beach in Wailea, to honey-lavender-vanilla-lattes in Haiku, to fish tacos – apple-bananas – pickled mangoes – roadside fresh coconut water – the sweetest pineapples – boutique shopping – drinking and dancing in Paia, to cliff-jumping and creek-swimming at the waterfalls of Twin Falls, beaching it with sea-turtles bigger than me in Ho’okipa, to the best spicy king crab I’ve ever tasted + a five-story infinity pool swim at the Andaz, to catching a tuna fish half the size of me and witnessing first hand what that sashimi life is really about, to boat rides flips and dives in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to attempting to overcome my snorkeling phobia at the moon-shaped crater island of Molokini I’ve had some fascination or connection with since I was seven years old, and adventuring in a topless two-door Jeep along the whole ride (that I now need to own and highly recommend everyone to put on their bucket-list!) … incredible is an understatement to sum up my recent mermaiding on Maui.

Now whirl-winded back into the utter chaos of home: Los Angeles, what can I say for sure? My heart’s a little more settled into it’s true place. Into peace, acceptance, contentment, e a s e… regardless of circumstance. I feel like the calm within a storm that will inevitably always surround this city. For that, I am f o r e v e r grateful.

With love and sincerity, I encourage you: BE FREE + bring it home.