by brittaneyelise

A house isn’t really ready to be called a home without a little life inside it, right? Besides you. Flowers… Potted Plants… A little greenery!

Bringing a little earthy outdoors – indoors – is a key to breathing natural life into your home, that actually really isn’t too big of a secret to most.

My fave not-so-secret-anymore-secret in this department? It’s been trending: succulents and cacti.


 Have no time to keep the peonies fresh on your dining room table for more than a day? Or that mini tropical palm watered and alive for more than a month? These guys practically beg to be neglected. Succulents and cacti are home to desert environments by nature so they’re not very thirsty — think you can handle one Sunday morning feeding each week? I think so — I believe in even the busiest of you’s!

So pick up some cute cacti-flowers at your local farmers market, nursery, or even The Home Depot; order some marble pots or cement planters and add a little gold/silver DIY touch (SPRAYPAINT, anyone?!) at-da! — your home will thank you later.

TUNIC x H by Bordeaux, Nordstrom

ROMPER x JD Luxe Fashion, Mobile Boutique

LIPSTICK x Nars ‘Blonde Venus’ + ‘Papua’ Liner

WEDGES x Chloé

BAG x Saint Laurent Paris