by brittaneyelise

fashion books sandal candle pineapple succulents

 fashion books sandal candle pineapple succulents
white gallery framesfashion books sandal candle pineapple succulents white linen marble coffee table cowhide rug

1. CONSISTENCY — Pick a theme. Minimal (2-3) colors or every color of the rainbow; the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, just stick to it! [above: I’m giving you a taste of the island girl in the LA girl + below: the boho gypset soul in me!]

2. SOMETHING TEXTURED — Whether a small plant, an intricately detailed figurine with tiny three-dimensional grooves and crevices, or a simple candle with a velvet pattern enclosure; one or two textured items will give organic dimension to your display.

3. BOLD SPINES — My favorite. I’m personally a huge fan of hardcover coffee table books and some of the best ones to showcase a bit of your own personality or interests is displaying a book with a bold spine that features something significant within its large-font title. Some of mine are ‘The Bikini Book’ and ‘When Art Meets Design’ …how appropriate, right?!

4. SOMETHING YUMMY — This can be a set of candles that probe our sense of smell or a bowl filled with [probably faux] red-delicious apples; here’s a hint to anything you desire to create appeal… Evoke more than one sense!

5. SYMMETRY + ASYMMETRY — Find a balance between the two and I swear you will have discovered the formula for just one hair shy of aaabsolute PERFECTION. Promise.

 gypset white skull marble gypset vintage area rugfringe boho gypset glam art meets design bohemian dyptique baies silver pineapple la vie boheme bohemian pillow

Schutz fringe diptyque baies cowhide rug marble coffee table lavender fashion books

I attempted to dig into the rabbit hole of my design-mind to conjure up some sense in the methods of my madness for this Friday’s Five; hopefully I’ve shed some light onto some of the small details that make up the bigger picture through my eyes! It’s not the easiest thing to break down what comes as second nature to you but I really believe if you add each of these details up you will create a successful, aesthetically pleasing stack + style for yourself…!

Happy Stacking + Styling, Happy Friday!