by brittaneyelise

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
-Albert Einstein


Some of the most powerful energy available to us actually comes in pretty little packaging; in the form of mother nature’s beautiful Earthly stones. How? Well, you know how you and I are made up of thousands of tiny atoms that emit energy and surge through our seven chakras — and when aligned properly, radiate positive vibrations through our kundalini? So is and does the Earth — Too much? A-who? A-what? I know.

Okay so let me put it this way: our Earth shares its beauty naturally with us in ways that pretty much we are all aware of these days — like the benefits of organic veggies and coconut oil and teas — and so many other things that, mainstream, we have learned how much better for us mostly anything that comes directly from nature can be.

So let’s streamline that concept a bit now into our homes and onto our bodies in a fashionable way… Ready?!

crystal necklaceCRYSTAL RING


Crystals are mother nature’s gift to us. Direct your thoughts and hold them close to your meditative space; each one possesses its own special properties to increase or propel your thoughts to manifest. Here are a few basic starter crystals that I personally have identified most with and have also planted into some of clients’ homes for peace and protection:


AMETHYST: CENTER . CALM . HEALING . PATIENCE . PEACE . INCREASED SPIRITUALITY + INTUITION . PREVENTS INTOXICATION . CLAIRVOYANCE . CONTENTMENT . MEDITATION . This one I grew up with; my mother’s favorite color is purple and she always believed in the metaphysical and healing qualities of amethyst in particular so there were always a few that I vividly remember around the house as a child…and I believe she still has them with her today! Now I keep Amethyst at my bedside. I have so for many years; this began for me during a period of time in college that I was struggling a little with sleep paralysis — mom reminded me of the calming abilities of this particular stone and boom! — once I started keeping a handful beside me at bed, the eerie shit stopped after closing my eyes for the night.


ROSE QUARTZ: UNCONDITIONAL UNIVERSAL LOVE . This one speaks pretty much entirely for itself. It’s the most commonly used for our heart chakra. Truthfully there are days I wish everyone on this planet, especially in the city of LA, were required to wear one of these guys around their neck (near the heart), daily — can you just imagine the difference in this world when the love of beauty in oneself, others, and nature is amplified?


CITRINE: CREATIVITY . PROSEPERITY . CONFIDENCE . WARMTH . ALIGNMENT . Citrine dissipates negative energy and clears thoughts; it’s beautiful warm tone slowly helps reenergize and will move you into sending out positive energy and receiving that same in return. I like pulling this one when my creative juices need a boost and I’m ready for that flow in complete abundance!


PYRITE: PROTECTION . Pyrite is the ultimate protective stone. And is it gorg or what?! AKA “fool’s gold” but if you ask me, what you can give and receive energetically is far more valuable that what we’ve deemed monetarily valuable in our world. This guy is a protective stone that is meant to shield or literally deflect negative, harmful energies. I like this one near the entry of the home. Or when traveling, like I did recently during my trip to Thailand, keeping a small Pyrite stone in my bag with me as I’m wandering or nomad-ing out & about in completely foreign territory!


CLEAR QUARTZ: KINDLES SYNCHRONICITY . COMMUNICATION . CONNECTS PHYSICAL DIMENSION WITH THE MIND . MANIFESTATION . BALANCE . HARMONY . AHAM PREMA . DIVINE MIND . POWERFULLY ALIGNED WITH THE EIGHTH SOUL STAR CHAKRA . I’m typically the type to save ‘the best’ for last. This one is my favorite! Primarily, off gut-feeling if I’m keeping it entirely one hundred for you here; but Clear Quartz is actually kind of like the Queen B in terms of having it all and having the ability to surge it all through you. Although common, don’t misjudge them — they have the strongest vibration, and best metaphysical properties, in my opinion and personal experience!

+ a few of other faves that have resonated well with me this year +

All of these beautiful, natural stones can be either shaped into decorative form — like bookends on your shelf, coasters on your coffee table, or pendant around your neck — or left in organic crystal-like form with the same decorative or purposeful intent.

Toward the top of my personal bucket list is mining some crystals of my very own! But in the meantime, I like to collect them from spiritual shops (LA: The Green Man Store in North Hollywood, House of Intuition in Silverlake), or order from designers I adore (London Manori, Indigo Child Hawaii), who understand the meaning and value behind these stones.


R E C H A R G E:
To keep their spark strong, they are all easily re-energized by sunlight and saltwater… kinda like you and me!


P R O T E C T  Y O U R  H O M E:
Fill your heart with love and give all of that good energy away so that more can come to and through you.

  crystal necklace crystals

T R Y  M E:
Pick one crystal. Just one. Press it against your heart. Give it good intent. Then maybe keep a small one in your pocket for the next week or so. At the end of that week, look up its properties — let me know if you notice a positive increase or development in those areas!

There are so, so many types of crystals out there, in so many beautiful shapes and sizes — I’ve shared with you today some of my personal favorites — each one in my small collection has personally helped me through hardship and/or helped bring a positive path to me. Or so I believe, anyway. This secret weapon: I’m SUCH a stone-r! “What you think about, you bring about” — right?! — this world is your dream; learn to proactively fill it with the good vibrations you wish to see.