by brittaneyelise

Halloween is coming!
I’m a big believer in a little magic so, naturally, I get excited for this October Holiday — but let’s get real — if your schedule is anything like mine these days (bananas), you just simply don’t have the time to go all out! Whether you’re dressing your home or yourself (or both!), here are some of my favorite easy magic touches:

 white pumpkins halloween decor

WHITE PUMPKINS + BLACK SPARKLE: Easy! Let’s save the pumpkin-carving mess for the little ones; throw a bunch of these white minis in a pretty (or scary) bowl and scatter a few decoratively around the house… voila! — your home is now not only Halloween-ready but perfect for Thanksgiving, too.

poison apples halloween red checkered teapot mackenzie child gold geo vase nate berkus

POISONOUS APPLES: Red-delicious candied apples or black fiberglass apples — Disneyland, DIY, or CB2 — pick your poison; all great additions to the office desk or kitchen table this week!

black lace cat ears halloween
black lace cat ears white lace bunny ears halloween
black lace cat ears halloween

BLACK POLISH + BLACK LACE + BLACK-ISH LIPS: No time? Creative block? Black, black, black! Etsy is the headquarters for all things lace (I’m a cat, duh) + Essie ‘Licorice’ with a matte top coat + Nars ‘Volga‘ blended with Mac ‘Film Noir’ are my dark-spirited go-to’s this year. 

dia de los muertos halloween decor

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS: Ummm HELLOOO ANY EXCUSE TO EAT MEXICAN FOOD AND DECORATE WITH SKULLHEADS – oh AND basically be a rainbow in the midst of all the zombies and vampires?! What a fun and different way to celebrate this holiday than we typically think, right? If you’re over the usual Halloween theme, have a Dia De Los Muertos inspired night-in, order some tacos and guac, make some jalapeño-cucumber margs, throw a pretty flower in your hair, pull out the Mexican blankets, and light up a zillion drippy-wax candles. I’m actually really tempting myself right now…


DISNEY PRINCESS-ING: You know you have a costume or two already in the back of your closet somewhere… If not, you should own one. Make your life easier by having easy access to a ready-made Disney costume. They really never get old and the make-up is simple: your pretty self — just add a little extra sparkle!

Now… It’s time for some annual Hocus Pocus + a little Jack and Sally! #sundaybeforehalloweendoneright