by brittaneyelise

What a gift the universe brought to my 2015:
The Beauty of Thailand.

There are people that step onto our lives’ paths that often make their purpose or lesson to us clear sooner rather than later; but sometimes we develop longer, gradual, distant relationships with individuals when we are younger that don’t quite take center stage for a moment in our lives until sometime later in our adult path. For me, my dear friend Kalorin is one of the latter and today I stand incredibly grateful for her guidance around her homeland: Thailand.

I landed in the city of Bangkok where I spent two nights at Somerset and two days stuffing myself to the absolute max on THE BEST THAI FOOD. My tastebuds were in heaven! I truthfully could have eaten the soft-shell crab yellow curry and drank the coconut butterfly pea from this little spot in a newer setting (to-die-for-design) called Full Flavored for the entire trip and been more than content!

OK so what can I literally live off of the rest of my life?
The mango-sticky-rice and dragonfruit secret spot now going completely public?: MAE VAREE – YES. PLEASE. THANK. ME. LATER. ran through pouring tropical rain for it and downed it in an instant!
Also downed street Thai Iced Coffee in about five minutes flat every day too.

I really began to feel like a piece of me is totally Thai at heart…
Well, then I learned about the Baba people later along my trip once I got to Phuket (will share more on that later / Part II) …but let’s just say it all makes sense… it’s totally in my blood a lil’ bit!

Now what’s even better than the modern-day capitol of a Southeastern Asian country that’s been around for centuries? The original capital of Ayutthaya where the people of this country completely take pride in preserving their history, nature, temples, and sacred land. Here I experienced my first prayer, blessing, and spiritual conversation with a Buddhist Monk along this journey.

Embracing nomad-mode, we booked flights up to Chiang Mai next.
WOW – if being invited to stay at the King of Thailand’s Brother’s lodge at Pongkrai wasn’t humbling enough, or chasing and embracing the breathtaking Waterfalls of Mae Sa, please let me share with you this experience — I hope that my words alone might bring a little humbling to your own house or heart:
Walking through this village of small tribes was like walking through a movie set — men, women, children, and infants in such a primal state of being; completely content, happy to preserve the simplicity in their lifestyle. The scent of the enormous rice field was over-powering. Curly-tailed kittens were familiar to me, like in Bali. Long-necks. Crazy. Beautiful. Simple.

Beautiful Savages – What if we all lived like the way I witnessed these small communities unite as one family? Maybe not down to the rural simplicity of jungle life but in the way of feeding each other with love. Now that’s what we all need a little more of over here on the western hemisphere: Soul Food. Beautiful Savage Love.

To Be Continued: Part II…