by brittaneyelise

Arguably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen? –
It was lavender and it completely captured my mind’s eye while I sunk into the softest sand I have ever felt between my toes.
Where? – The beaches of Dusit Thani in Krabi, Thailand.

So from the jungles of Chiang Mai, I hopped onto a small plane at 4AM (I don’t do 4AM — what is that?) and ventured over to the beaches on the east side of the gulf for a little solo wanderlust time and I must say, if you’re going to stay anywhere in Krabi, Dusit Thani is absolutely the place — I was so well taken care of, my bed was a real life cloud from heaven, I drank mojitos the entire time under the perfect palm trees by the pool, and best of all: the property sat right on the beach where I was able to take a classic long-boat out onto some smaller local islands and genuinely just be at peace.

If you want to know where else I found peace, it was atop a mountain where I hiked 1,237 steps to the top of the  Tiger Cave Temple. Sound like nothing? Well I thought “pshhh, piece of cake!” too but around step 300-something I had to take a breather… and again around 600-something, 800-something, 1000-something-oh-my-god-are-we-there-yet. Actually, around step 900-something I was beginning to see less people and hear more “things” … monkeys squeaking that I was imagining leaping out of the surrounding trees to snatch my iPhone from my hand, foreign bugs buzzing or mating or something… not gonna hide it, totally freaked out inside for like a solid half-minute. And then I snapped out of it by remembering the greatest practice of all time, and partially my spiritual purpose for this hike: this world is your dream, you envision it, you think it, and in your mind’s eye you l i t e r a l l y create it. And there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. And *poof* – next thing you know I’m at the top of this temple next to this GI-normous gold Buddha head, overlooking the most vast amount of palm tree tops I’ve ever seen in one place with my own eyes, and physically down on both knees (moonstone and rose quartz in hand, of course) just exuding gratitude; thanking the universe for such an immensely beautiful experience, and passing my one wish at the top along to 2 men that I love inexplicably from somewhere deep down in my heart, that need the love within themselves, more than I do.

If you love a man, pray for him.”

That I did.
I made it to a part of the world I consistently crave (SouthEast Asia) for the second time in the past year by running my life on LOVE. (I believe). So I why not give that abundance away? You just have to know and trust in your heart that the Universe has got you.

Next: I hopped on a boat across the gulf to the westside — specifically: Sri Panwa at the island of Phuket — where I could not have dreamed of a more perfect mermaid’s paradise!

Literally did not leave the Sri Panwa property my entire last 4 days of this trip!!! I mean, who would? World-renowned sushi delivered to your own personal villa with infinity pool overlooking the ocean (I’m shocked I haven’t turned into a fish by now – btw), private beach, private yoga, chakra-aligned spa massage therapy, MORE THAI ICED COFFEE (of course) …basically, I’m deeming this MERMAID ADULT DISNEYLAND. Yes. As much as I would love to have seen more of the island of Phuket… I guess I will just have to go back! Because my time spent at Sri Panwa felt like heaven, I honestly could have stayed, spent the rest of my life there, and died content. Well I mean I have a lot more exploring around the world to do, but you get the idea. I crush on so many things that aren’t people — and this place? IN LOVE.