by brittaneyelise

So this update is entirely on the lifestyle side; a little far from the design side.


I do believe that the true key to success begins within, which exudes outward! I’m asked on nearly a daily basis what my secrets are when it comes to my skin and body. So I’ve finally taken the time to really break down some of things I’ve believed in contributing to my version of a healthy lifestyle for years + newly discovered this year that are really contributing to both looking and feeling my best!

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1. SKIN SECRETS: First and foremost, face is everything — and that skin is something we’re all going through hundreds of products to keep it flawless so I’m super ecstatic to finally have found a formula this year for all those vitamins and antioxidants that both feels good and contributes to the glow. My face-lift?:  JOANA VARGUS DAILY SERUM.

Appreciate organic products? Seeking redness relief?: PURPL GOAT CALM COMPLEXION.

I really don’t know why I didn’t find this earlier for those little stress suckers that pop up once in a blue moon (because, yes, toothpaste has been my pimple-trick since age 12) but this is the secret to success!: Need on-the-spot-action? MARIO BADESCU DRYING LOTION. Mid-day refresher?: MARIO BADESCU ROSEWATER FACIAL SPRAY (I literally use this 3-4x’s/day and I swear there’s something about that spritz that makes you feel like a goddess every time).

I’ve actually been asked on multiple occasions if I bathe in milk… My soft skin?: HERBIVORE BOTANICALS COCONUT MILK BATH SOAK. [I’m throwing in HERBIVORE’S SEA MIST for hair and body too; smells amazing and a quick fix to getting out the door when you’re low on time].

Three products I discovered a few years ago so they’re not technically new but are must-shares, swear by  d a i l y,  and will actually never leave my face?: NARS AQUA GEL MOISTURIZER + NARS HYDRATING TONER  + NARS AQUA GEL MASK.

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2. FRESH RAW PRESSED JUICE: I am a complete sucker for ice-cream, candy, and hot-cheetos. That’s never going to change. So! — balance — I like to drink my veggies and vitamins and I’ve recently discovered LIVE BEAMING over on La Cienaga Blvd in LA for honestly the best tasting smoothies and pressed juices. Superfoods too. Consider me an addict who’s truly benefitting. I like to incorporate about one pressed juice a day… 4-6 days/week. My fave right now is “Balanced Green” (digestion, anti-inflammitory, immunity) …the pineapple juice gets me hooked every time, and I promise you: THIS IS A MAY-JOR KEY [khalid voice].

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
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3. BANDIER: Ready to get real? I LIVE IN ACTIVE-WEAR. Maybe it’s LA that allows me to get away with it, Idk. But truthfully, catch me if you can any day of the week between shopping for clients, meeting with contractors, hammering or painting something myself, and secretly subconsciously tricking myself into needing to work out at some point in the day, the goal is to feel comfortable doing what I need to get done, and still break a few necks throughout the day. My answer and obsession here?: BANDIER. Everything I get from @bandierfit is not only extremely great quality and well-fit but honestly the hottest  women’s boutique I’ve discovered for the fashionably-active female…!

4. RISE NATION: If you’re a twenty-something or thirty-something female and you’re reading this, STRESS NO MORE – I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SOLUTION TO THAT SPACE BETWEEN THE BACK OF YOUR ARMS AND TOP OF YOUR BRA-LINE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING TO MURDER AND BURN SINCE YOU WERE EIGHTEEN!!! That needed to be in all caps because my excitement here just cannot be contained — seriously — back-fat-who? tricep-wings-what? RISE NATION is basically like a nightclub, during the day, where you get a full-body workout that only lasts 30 mins, and leaves you drenched in sweat, f e e l i n g your back and arm muscles break through that fat + come to life. I need to be going like twice a week. You’re welcome!

hp5. HOT PILATES: Favorite, favorite, favorite. This place is my best kept secret. I’ve been telling everyone that asks, for years, that if you want to build long, lean muscles and basically create a nearly perfect body for yourself, P I L A T E S is your answer. Now add some heat to the room so you really get your sweat on, and mix it up with Yoga-Lates + Pilates-Booty classes …and voila!HOT PILATES on Sunset Blvd is seriously everything. Shannon and Cindy are my go-to instructors for the right music, energy, and motivation that keep the little mermaid in me bikini-ready at all times!

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You yourself are your temple.
Take care of you, first and always.

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like
sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” 
-Roald Dahl