by brittaneyelise

Have you ever come across an opportunity to completely rock your creative world in such a way that you basically blow your own mind?

Here is a little peak at my residential design version of a Romantic Mid-Summer Night’s Dream!

Parisienne Chic Detail settles into an aura of Tuscan Warmth and my personal touch of underlying deep Masculine Hues + Eclectic Mod Lines define this beautiful home in such a subtle yet overwhelmingly beautiful way.

interior design tufted canopy bed

This project challenged me to step outside of my comfort-zone and I highly recommend to anyone, in whichever respective field or line of work you may be in, to find a creative challenge of your own and give it your heart.

The irony is: no matter how far from an aesthetic I might create personally for myself, when it comes to what I create for someone else– personal preference leaves the table because what I do is so intuitively rooted within me that, with the most humble heart, I can say that my gift is my talent and with that being said, there really is this organic way to turn everything you touch into gold… and I’ve discovered that how-to within me. This dreamy mid-summer night design vibe is golden.

jonathan adler tic tac toe gold marble xo

oversized candles wik studios interior design bathtub

And the best part? How over-the-moon this client is for every square inch!

From a completely custom designed canopy bed with a killer complimentary master bedroom entry table find, to life-size candles oozing with the perfect variation of santal scent, to hand-picked + potted luscious greens in antique vases from one of my local fave shops, to a game room filled with vintage-style classic board games and a black-top pool table adjacent a dining room ready for memorable dinner parties (custom designed 14-ft long btw; with a vintage setté + custom replicated matching bench at each head!)- sitting beneath a dreamy skybar made of velvets, leathers, tufting, and a gold-plated telescope… Truly, what a dreamy dream come true… And so much more to come for this project alone! Stay Tuned.