by brittaneyelise

One of my favorite parts of the design process when it comes to homes are bedrooms. It’s a single room where you spend so much of your life — and not to mention highly important parts: sleepin’ + lovin’! We’ve all seen some bedroom designs get really busy and crazy, and that’s actually the opposite of how one should be styled and kept. I’ve absolutely grown into the simplicity of my own bedroom and try to bring that forward when designing my clients’ bedrooms. Here are my top five tips!

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1. SOOTHING COLORS: This is such an overlooked approach when decorating a bedroom! You want your room to feel like a chilled-out oasis where sleep is promoted, and loud colors distract from zen. The majority of your room — like walls, bedding, decor, whatever — should be in muted, soothing tones. Think white sheets + bedding (easy to bleach, too!); pure solids. For some, this may even be the opposite — darker colors may feel more soothing — like a personal cave! This can feel really sexy, too. Either way, as a rule of thumb — but especially for bedrooms — I only prefer to see color and pattern come through minimally in accent decor, pillows, throw blankets, etc; easily interchangeable per season.

2. BALANCE: The energy on both sides of the bed should be symmetrical — meaning same nightstand on either side of the bed. Never just one nightstand. Bed never against a wall (worst! *Drake voice*). Symmetry feels organized and clean. Generally keep tops of nightstands, dressers, etc. somewhat empty to keep the room feeling relaxed and minimal. Anywhere from 3 to 5 stacked books max. Accent decor is where asymmetry is acceptable aka ‘DESIGNER.’ Incorporating asymmetry atop here between your two nightstands is where you will bring in the personalized cozy/homey feel. After all, as much as I will promote symmetry, asymmetry is also important and equally a factor into the balancing act.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it…..”
-Albert Einstein

3. FENG SHUI: I’m pretty big on the power of energy, and the importance of it while designing. You had to know I was going to bring in the most well-known rulebook on spatial energy…! The rules of Feng Shui in particular promote a harmonious flow of energy in the bedroom, and it’s always inviting yet peaceful. One rule is to open windows or use essential oils + an air purifier to keep a clean, flowing energy.  (More on essential oils, I promise, later!) Generally, the head of the bead should sit against the wall opposite of the entry door to the room (focal point), however, the alignment of the bed should not be directly obstructing the path of the doorway if possible. If you’re having trouble feeling relaxed or sleeping while in your room, experiment with the feng shui!

4. WORK-FREE: Expanding on energy, and its contribution to the overall simplicity or complexity of any room, leave the mind-clutter-fuck of work and all tech in relation to, out of the bedroom for a separated headspace and energy. Even if you (like me) whole-heartedly love what you do, so it may not feel like work — it is. Just trust me, it one hundred percent is, and your bedroom is a sanctuary that has NO room for the real world. Let fantasy simply reign. Try it out for one week straight: make your bedroom a complete no-work-zone and see for yourself — the overall feeling of simplicity will begin to grow with this alone. 

5. MINIMAL: Start with a ‘less is more’ approach. Don’t fill the walls and counter space just to fill it. Remove clutter and anything that’s not necessary to bedroom activities. Let your dressers and closets serve their purpose! Remember that the bed is the focal point. Think luxury hotel room feels when in doubt. Leave a wall or two blank — or maybe all four?! — and you’ll  be amazed at how much nicer your room will feel.

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