by brittaneyelise

Let’s be really real: New Year’s Eve has such an overrated hype.
I’m truthfully such a homebody but living in LA has had its perks over the years and as much as I enjoy getting dolled up and grabbing drinks with friends from time to time, I’d actually much rather not on NYE. 

Every year that I end up out on New Year’s Eve (which, in all honesty, just feels like any other night of the year) I say to myself, “next year I am staying home with a bottle of Veuve” — well, this year I finally fully am!

Anyone else feeling the same?
To match the low-key vibes that I’m craving, here are 5 ideas I adore for celebrating the start of 2017.


  1. PLAY BARTENDER: If you want to let loose in the comfort of your own home, you have to have some sort of signature drink for the night. Come up with some fun drink recipe ideas to try out, and even let your friends make their own if they want to mimic the bartender. Here’s a recipe idea I’ve been particularly drooling over this holiday season: 3 parts Rekorderlig cider + 1 part Elderflower Liqueur + top with a little champagne, a couple raspberries and/or strawberries and garnish with mint or rosemary. YUM!

  1. GAME NIGHT: A little adult game time is always fun! (especially when the drinks from above are involved) and I love a good game or five. Poker is a classic no-brainer, board games (Clue!), Pictionary or Charades (actually really fun), start a Mario Kart competition, or my current fave: Cards of Humanity. Spice any of the above up with some bets and/or dares …GOLD!

  1. PJ PARTY: Why not!? Put together your fave playlist of songs from 2016, ditch the sequins and keep the silk — might as well be comfy at home! Order some pizza. Maybe vote on your fave movie of 2016 with friends/fam and throw together my personal fave movie snack: popcorn + M&M’s (or Reese’s Pieces!) mixed in. Seriously tell me a nightclub sounds better than this, c’mon.

  1. WELLNESS NIGHT: The thought of New Year’s Day realistically means a day off to deal with a hangover on the sofa to most, and I kinda hate starting a fresh year, with the first day actually being a bonus holiday, feeling that way. Anyone else? A wellness night full of clean cooking, juice shots (in theme of the holiday, cheers!), face masks and oils, and a little crystal healing? Umm yes please! You’d definitely wake up feeling your damn best to start the new year! So refreshing.

  1. MIDNIGHT WISH PAPERS: This is actually a tradition some of my girlfriends and I started a few years ago on New Year’s Day on the Santa Barbara coastline, but you could do it with a fireplace, outside fire pit, etc. Here’s the deal: you write out your intentions or “wishes” on small pieces of tissue paper, say a little meditation/prayer, burn the paper — and as you let it fly, you are letting what you wrote down go. Let the universe take care of the rest for you!


However you choose to celebrate bringing in your new year, I hope you enjoy the final moments as the clock counts down alongside the people (or someone) you love most!

BElight. BElove. BEyoutiful.